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Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence


Convergence with Purpose: Zenarmor and Threat Intelligence Unite for Unmatched Security

Cybersecurity doesn't end once you install firewalls and antivirus software. The rules for protecting digital assets change daily, requiring constant vigilance and adaptation. Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is therefore essential for every business that wishes to safeguard its information, resources, and good name. In this article, we'll look at how CTI enhances Zenarmor's risk detection and prevention abilities and how it supports businesses in adopting a unified, comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that is in line with their beliefs and business objectives.

Discover the power of proactive cybersecurity with Zenarmor. Visit our extensive library of cybersecurity concepts to learn more about how we can protect your network with purpose-driven security solutions.

What is Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)?

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) assists companies in staying updated about emerging threats to defend themselves. Threat intelligence can be defined as cyber security specialists compiling, evaluating, and improving the information they collect about attacks to learn from it and better defend enterprises. The types of threat intelligence are defined by sources, which can be put into three categories: open source, closed source, and internal source. Each source has its strengths and weaknesses, and you need to take advantage of them to gain a complete picture. CTI aids in lowering costs, maximizing efficiency, preventing financial loss, and lowering risk. Your security stance, resilience, and preparedness against cyberattacks may all be improved with CTI. It is an essential tool for every business that prioritizes security rather than considering it an optional addition.


Zenarmor Cyber Threat Intelligence

Zenarmor CTI, utilizing AI-based threat intelligence from Zenarmor's Cloud Threat Intelligence System, safeguards networks against threats from over 300 million websites. Business Edition subscribers get access to BrightCloud Threat Intelligence, offering advanced protection with an additional 1+ billion domains and 4+ billion IP addresses. BrightCloud, a leading cybersecurity provider, evaluates over 48 billion domains, providing high-quality threat intelligence daily. This collaboration involves a global network of 140+ cybersecurity vendors using BrightCloud Threat Intelligence.

Zenarmor's Cloud Threat Intelligence (CTI) is a key component of its security features and web categorization capabilities. It continuously updates and categorizes over 300 million websites (for the business edition 1B website), safeguarding networks against a wide range of threats. This AI-based classification system automatically identifies and inhibits new and sophisticated threats, enhancing network security by preventing emerging outbreaks and mitigating the most recent and dangerous security threats effectively.

Zenarmor's Advanced Security profiles, available through Zenarmor Premium Subscriptions, provide Advanced Threat Protection against the latest malware, viruses, and phishing attacks by blocking websites known to host such threats.

BrightCloud Threat Intelligence: An Overview

In cybersecurity, having a trustworthy ally for top-notch threat intelligence (TI) solutions is crucial. That's where BrightCloud steps in. They're a leading threat intelligence and cyber security provider dedicated to safeguarding your network, data, and reputation from cyber risks.

Zenarmor CTI uses BrightCloud® at the backend. Zenarmor Business Edition provides users with enhanced protection, including an additional 1+ billion categorized domains and 4+ billion recorded IPv4/6 addresses. In addition, Business Edition users gain access to a global threat intelligence network comprised of over 140 leading cyber security vendors utilizing BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence to enhance and expand their threat detection solutions. Therefore, you can breathe easy knowing that you have access to the highest quality threat intelligence available. BrightCloud® has evaluated more than 48 billion domains to date and adds to this database daily by analyzing approximately 25,000 threats and URLs.

BrightCloud follows a robust approach to TI, focusing on four key aspects: collecting, analyzing, sharing, and using information. They gather TI data from diverse sources—open, closed, and internal—and then use advanced algorithms and machine learning to offer precise, timely, and pertinent insights into potential hazards. BrightCloud shares this valuable TI data with you across multiple feeds like IP reputation, URL reputation, file reputation, and mobile reputation. Finally, they apply this intelligence to fortify your security infrastructure, bolstering your hazard detection and prevention capabilities.

The Convergence of Zenarmor and Cyber Threat Intelligence

Zenarmor integrates with BrightCloud threat intelligence (TI) feeds to enhance its threat detection and prevention capabilities. The integration with BrightCloud, a leading TI provider, empowers Zenarmor users with enhanced protection, including access to a global threat intelligence network comprised of over 140 cybersecurity vendors.

By utilizing TI data from these integrated feeds, Zenarmor significantly strengthens its cybersecurity posture. The TI data is used to provide real-time security threat intelligence, website categorization, and site reputation and ranking. This empowers Zenarmor to safeguard networks against a wide range of threats, including phishing attacks, malware infections, and data exfiltration. The comprehensive and timely TI data provided by BrightCloud enables Zenarmor to offer advanced threat protection against the latest cybersecurity threats, making it an invaluable asset for organizations seeking to bolster their security defenses.


Who Benefits From Cyber Threat Intelligence?

Threat intelligence (TI) proves indispensable across diverse industries, providing proactive defense against the evolving cyber threat landscape. Critical infrastructure entities, such as power grids and transportation systems, leverage TI to identify and thwart cyber threats targeting their vital services. Financial institutions rely on TI to detect and prevent fraud, malware infections, and data breaches, safeguard sensitive financial data, and ensure operational integrity. Healthcare providers utilize TI to protect patient data from cyberattacks that could disrupt care delivery, while government agencies defend against cyber threats to critical infrastructure and classified information, reinforcing national security. Retail, e-commerce, media, and entertainment sectors also benefit from TI by preventing data breaches, protecting online transactions, and mitigating risks to brand reputation. Notably, the advantages of TI extend beyond large corporations, proving especially valuable for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). SMBs face increasing cyber threats due to perceived security resource limitations. TI for SMBs reduces risk by enabling early detection and prevention of cyberattacks, offering cost-effective protection through open-source and tailored threat intelligence feeds, and enhancing overall security posture by prioritizing vulnerabilities and implementing targeted security controls. In conclusion, TI emerges as a universal tool, empowering organizations of all sizes and industries to fortify their cybersecurity defenses, protect critical assets, and maintain operational resilience.

Advantages for Zenarmor Users

Zenarmor is a top-of-the-line platform that joins BrightCloud TI feeds, granting users a suite of advantages for fortified network security. Some of these Zenarmor threat intelligence benefits are:

  1. AI-Based Classification System: Zenarmor employs an AI-based classification system to classify and update web categories in real-time, enhancing network security by automatically identifying and inhibiting new and sophisticated threats.

  2. Advanced Security Profiles: Zenarmor provides three predefined Advanced Security profiles, including Permissive, Moderate Control, and High Control options available through Zenarmor Premium Subscriptions, offering Advanced Threat Protection against the latest malware, viruses, and phishing attacks.

  3. Continuous Threat Intelligence Data Feeds: Zenarmor's threat intelligence tools continuously feed the most up-to-date threat intelligence data to security systems such as endpoints, firewalls, APIs, and IPSs, enabling security teams to focus on analysis and planning.

  4. Cloud Reputation and Threat Intelligence: The Zenarmor Cloud, a huge database consisting of reputation and security information for over 1 billion websites, provides real-time security threat intelligence, website categorization, and site reputation and ranking, safeguarding networks against a wide range of threats.

Advanced Threat Detection and Prevention

It isn't just a firewall—it's a powerhouse that links up with threat intelligence (TI) feeds from BrightCloud, empowering advanced threat detection. By monitoring DNS traffic within your network, you can cross-reference requested domains and IP addresses with TI data from BrightCloud. It promptly flags any matches as malicious and notifies you. Employing machine learning and anomaly detection, you can stay vigilant for irregular network behavior like unusual traffic spikes, unauthorized access attempts, or data breaches. It promptly identifies and alerts you to potential threats. We help you proactively shield your network from cyber threats before they even strike. Integrated with intelligence (TI) feeds from BrightCloud, it helps to be ahead by identifying malicious domains and phishing attempts and blocking them. It employs robust encryption, authentication, and firewall rules to fortify your network, thwarting unauthorized access and intrusion. Capable of preventing a range of cyber attacks—from phishing to DNS tunneling and more—we stand as a vital ally in securing your network, data, and reputation. Zenarmor offers a watchful defense against evolving cyber threats with enhanced prevention capabilities.

Reporting and Analysis

Zenarmor exceeds traditional firewall roles—it detects and prevents cyber threats and reports and analyzes them. Integrated with BrightCloud intelligence feeds, Zenarmor NGFW taps into threat trends, attacker behaviors, and vulnerabilities. This data crafts detailed reports on your network's landscape, security posture, and incidents. These insights into cyber vulnerabilities empower your security team to make informed decisions, fortify defenses, and optimize security strategies. TI-driven reporting and analysis elevate your security game, offering more than just protection—it provides strategic guidance for enhanced network defense.


In cybersecurity, staying protected isn't a one-time fix—it's an ongoing commitment demanding continuous adaptation. This is where Zenarmor comes in, offering more than mere protection. It's your ally, offering security information, cutting-edge threat detection and prevention, insightful reporting, and proactive identification. It synchronizes with BrightCloud threat intelligence feeds, delivering precise, timely data.

By safeguarding your network, data, and reputation from cyber concerns, you are having advocates for convergence—a unified, holistic cybersecurity approach aligning seamlessly with your business goals and values. It's a purpose-driven solution dedicated to your security needs. Experience our comprehensive protection and foresighted defense. Explore how we can safeguard your network with purpose-driven cybersecurity. Connect with us to learn more about how we can assist you. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, our team is ready to collaborate with you to enhance your cybersecurity posture and address your specific challenges. Embrace a proactive stance against cyber threats with Zenarmor as your trusted partner in safeguarding digital assets and ensuring a resilient cybersecurity infrastructure.

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