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Why Choose Us?

5th Mountain Networks (Pty) Ltd is a value-added ICT company. The company was established in 2005, with vast experience in the networking and telecommunications industry. Our head office is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We specialise in Managed Secure SD-WAN as a Service.

The purpose of the company is to provide value added services around the Internet to business. The owners having run a private network previously made a strategic decision not to build another network but to rather harness the established Broadband Networks and provide over the top services, which then become part of the Internet.

Using their extensive telecommunications experience and experience in delivering services to South African businesses they sought an Internet based product to deliver the desired services.  After cutting their teeth on global products it was realised that Global Telecommunications Equipment providers do not understand nor have any desire to understand the unique requirements of the South African telecommunications landscape.  This together with their expensive RoE based hardware and annual licensing made it extremely challenging to sell into the South African marketplace.

With this knowledge the locally developed MountainBox SD-WAN Firewall was born in December 2010 and their dream of delivering outstanding managed Broadband Services was realised.

5th Mountain’s approach to networking has always been progressive and alternative looking to add value to our customers in numerous ways.  Our unique Secure SD-WAN service delivers significant value to our customers like increased uptime, reduced spend, mobility, visibility and increased security.  

5th Mountain Networks delivers services across South Africa through our strategic partners who are fully skilled.  Furthermore due to our IECS and IECNS licenses we deliver bandwidth solutions through our networking partners.

The key to the success of 5th Mountain Networks is its team of dedicated, hard working staff who work tirelessly to deliver exceptional service and maximum benefits to its valued clients.

We pride ourselves in building custom solutions for our customers, with whom we build long lasting relationships.



Liberty Group Limited

"5th Mountain Networks (Pty) Ltd has been a valuable business partner and service provider to Liberty Group for almost 10 years.

Throughout our involvement with 5th Mountain, they have always maintained a customer focused attitude as well as excellent service. Their high quality products and services contributed to a substantial monetary saving for Liberty Group Limited.

We are happy to recommend 5th Mountain Networks as a very knowledgeable and reliable business partner and service provider."

Johan Basson

Head of Business Enablement

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