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Zenarmor Success Story

Zenarmor Customer Success Story


With Zenarmor® easily integrated with their SD-WAN service, 5th Mountain Networks goes beyond SASE.

5th Mountain Networks, a leading South African based Managed Service Provider (MSP), sought to provide SD-WAN services as an "Over The Top" connectivity and secure network value add to the legacy basic connectivity that the Telco and Mobile operators were offering circa 2005. At the time, 5th Mountain loosely called this service “WAN Virtualisation”.

Looking to expand on their own in-house, open source based systems, they became aware of “Sensei“, as ‘an interesting application aware security system’ that made them think; DNS based and other similar content control mechanisms were rather primitive and ineffective in blocking increasingly sophisticated cyber risks.

Following an extensive technical review, the team at 5th Mountain made the decision to incorporate Zenarmor’s® (Sensei’s new moniker) Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) into its Halo Services “right off the bat” and continues to be impressed with Sunny Valley’s ability to quickly extend functionality of the system.

Zenarmor provides 5th Mountain’s Halo Services with the ability to deliver its customer with accurate reporting on internet and application usage, including security threats and enables meaningful and rapid interventions as required, making their existing system and partnerships with other content control and threat management providers completely redundant.

The system integration with Zenarmor has allowed 5th Mountain to compete for and win the business of large network providers, including those using Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) to deliver scalable and high performance connectivity. Even when compared to the Big Brand firewall providers, the solution provides far greater accuracy, rapid time to repair and far deeper insight into network user behavior than is otherwise possible. 5th Mountain’s solution has saved their clients bottom-line spend by approximately 50-70%.

5th Mountain’s well deserved reputation as an organization that “gets things done” is recognized by their customers who highly value the meaningful and timely feedback as to what is happening in their networks, often in a matter of minutes. The system has allowed 5th Mountain to become a truly proactive and a definitive source of critical information in areas that are otherwise “black holes” to their competitors.

5th Mountain's partnership with Sunny Valley Networks is based on mutual respect and trust. The relationship has helped both organizations continue to learn about the rapidly changing business and technical environment they support and operate within.

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