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We have now integrated the industry’s first packet classification and detection engine with the native ability to do TLS inspection.

Technology that provides Cyber Security tools with visibility, packet classification and fine grained packet enforcement for any traffic including TLS encrypted packets. More packet intelligence means better decision making. Better decision making means better success rates in detecting malign traffic.

TLSSSL Inspection

Application Visibility & Control

Block or control unauthorised or misbehaving applications regardless of port numbers. Rich application database consists of signatures for thousands of applications.

Drill-down Network Visibility

Visualise your network in real-time. Start from big-picture, drill-down to per-connection details. Spot anomalies visually. Rich application database identifies thousands of communication protocols and data attributes, creating the most accurate picture of real-time data activity.

TLS Visibility & Control

Bad guys are hiding under encryption. Enable 100% transparent TLS inspection for all TCP ports with a single click. Fully integrated with the Firewall Certificate Manager, you can create a brand-new CA certificate or import your Enterprise existing keys.

Web Security & Cloud App Controls

Apply web filtering policies for more than 300 Million web sites under 120+ Web Categories. Create custom categories to blacklist or whitelist sites. With Cloud Application Controls, you can create granular access policies for Cloud services like Google, Dropbox, Amazon, Twitter and so on. Commercial grade cloud based web categorisation database provides real-time classification for unknown sites under 5 minutes. New Botnets are detected and blocked within minutes.

Some TLS options are cost options.

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